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Rowing & Paddling are safe sports when conducted with due consideration for the risks inherently associated with any outdoor water sport. There is the risk of personal injury from collision and the risk of drowning when rowing & paddling participants find themselves in the water. All risks are heightened in cold water. While contending with difficult weather conditions is part of the sport, safe enjoyment of the sport is the aim. Concern for personal safety must be paramount. TRPC is responsible for assessing the risks in our activities and have established appropriate safety procedures to minimize those risks. Each on-water participant of the Trenton Rowing and Paddling Canada is responsible for knowing and adhering to the Transport Canada regulations, especially those applicable to rowing & paddling.

TRPC has created a Policy and Procedures Manual that outlines the rules and guidelines for our club and our Safety Code. All members, coaches and supervisors are expected to read these rules and ensure that correct procedures are followed.

Policies & Procedures Handbook

Learn to Row

All participants in the Learn to Row Program must watch the RCA Safety Video before they are allowed on the water. The RCA Safety Video promotes and demonstrates safe practices for rowers and can be played online here:


Please see the Transport Canada Boating Safety Guide for additional safety information.

Informative, short videos on a wide ranging number of boating safety topics, e.g., inflatable PFDs, can be found at the Canadian Safe Boating Council’s Smart Boater site

Links to RCA, Row Ontario and Paddle Canada website links


TRPC Paddling Course Program

TRPC in house paddling course reimbursement program is a way to get more of our paddlers certified through Paddle Canada to provide certified guides to lead On Site and Off Site paddles and get more people on the water.

The program reimburses half the cost of a Paddle Canada Course above the basic level courses in exchange for a commitment to the club to supervise a set number of On Site and Off Site paddles.

If you are interested in starting to work up the ranks of the Paddle Canada Course the first step is completing a Skills Level Course in Kayak, SUP or Canoe. Half of this would be reimbursed once you’ve completed your commitment to the club.

Paddle Canada has Skill Levels and Instructor Levels. You must be one Skills Level higher than the Instructor course, so for example once you complete the Skills Level 2 you can then do the Instructor Level 1 course.

If you are interested in getting involved with TRPC or this program please contact the Club for more information.


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